Minor Surgery

Here at Brentwood Village Medical Centre we stand out from the crowd with our doctors able to perform minor surgery if necessary. This means that you can come to us confident that if you need a minor procedure performed, you will be able to stick with the practice and care that you know. We are accredited to perform a wide variety of minor surgical procedures, for details on specific surgeries or condition treatments please call today on (08) 9316 8014 or book an appointment online.

Family Medicine

Family medicine is centred around the principle of building a lasting relationship with a doctor or specialist capable of providing comprehensive health care for the entire family. At Brentwood Village Medical Centre we believe that building relationships can enable better health care, and we can support you with any and all of your families medical requirements.

Family Planning

Family planning helps families make informed choices about their future. Family planning is achieved through the use of contraceptive methods as well as fertility advice and infertility treatments. If you’re thinking about starting a family or need advice on any of these topics, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment, or contact us for more information.

Womens and Mens Health

Men and women are both affected by health conditions that affect only each gender exclusively. At Brentwood Village Medical Centre we have experienced doctors available who are able to screen for risk factors and certain diseases early, helping to prevent illness wherever possible. If you have any questions regarding your health, we can help.


The specialty paediatrics focuses on keeping young patients healthy, from infants to teenagers. This includes the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of all forms of health issues which may affect young people. Ensuring young patients receive adequate and appropriate care is essential, so please use the button above to book an appointment if needed!


If you or someone close to you need to discuss mental health or receive counselling advice, we can help. Our doctors can assess your overall health to determine whether there are any other medical factors which may be influencing your mental or emotional health. To start a discussion or for a referral to a specialist, please book an appointment and come see us.


We offer onsite acupuncture services. For all acupuncture related enquiries please contact Roy Hee on 0468 359 184.


Here at Brentwood Medical Centre we work in conjunction with Precision Physiotherapy. They treat a range of spinal problems, sport and work-related injuries, as well as conducting personal injury claims.
Contact Matthew Irwin at Precision Physiotherapy on (08) 9313 3999 or at [email protected].


We offer onsite pathology services through Australian Clinical Laboratories. For all pathology related enquiries please contact us on (08) 9315 3935


Our clinic psychologist Vanessa is a registered psychologist with experience providing psychological counselling and delivering interventions across the developmental lifespan. She is a clear thinker with a calm, balanced and pragmatic approach. Having worked in private and not-for-profit organizations both in Australia as well as in Europe, she is motivated to assist people in achieving awareness of their goals.  Vanessa’s area of interest is working with adults and adolescents with depression, anxiety as well as working with children with learning difficulties.


We also offer dietician services through Diet by D’zyne. Our accredited practising dietician Megan Lim is available, offering a lifestyle solution to nutrition and life-long healthy eating.
Contact Megan Lim at Diet by D’zyne on (08)9201 5100.

Brentwood Village Medical Centre provides a comprehensive suite of primary healthcare services and allied care for your family’s needs

  Women’s health & antenatal care       Child and adolescent health
  Men’s health       Aged health care – facility and and home visits
  Indigenous health       Veteran’s health care
  Skin cancer check-up and minor surgery       Preventative health
  Comprehensive health assessments       Emergency medicine
  Immunisation and travel vaccinations       Mental health
  Chronic disease management       Wound management
  Employment, insurance and driving medical examinations    
  Relationship and family counselling       Diabetes education
  Smoking cessation support       Work injuries and WorkCover care

In the modern day many diseases common in the past are entirely preventable by immunisation. The suggested immunisation schedule will help keep your child as happy and healthy as can be. For more information, please call us on (08) 9316 8014 or book an appointment with the button above.

Aged Care

We know that sometimes aging can make life a little trickier. We’re here to help ensure that you or your loved ones get the support you need. If you need advice on continuing to live independently, medical checkups or specialised consultation, we can help. Call us on (08) 9316 8014 to book an appointment.

Travel Health

If you’re taking a trip you don’t want illness to get in the way! We can help ensure you get the most out of your travels by advising you on particular risks and taking necessary preventative steps to keep you healthy on your travels. This might involve travel vaccinations, general health advice and helping you understand potential health risks. To find out more or book an appointment please call us on (08) 9316 8014.

Work Cover

If you’ve been injured, fallen sick or suffered other adverse health effects as a result of your work or at your workplace, we can provide necessary assessment. Please call us on (08) 9316 8014 to find out more and discuss your exact requirements.

Care Planning

Care plans can be incredibly valuable in helping manage a patient’s condition or aid in recovery and management. Care planning can provide an effective means of ensuring that patient’s needs are met and cared for. To find out more please call us on (08) 9316 8014 or book an appointment.

Health Screening

Health screenings are an important part of maintaining your health and well-being, and are essential for the early detection of many conditions. Routine health screenings may cover blood pressure tests, cholesterol checks and diabetes tests among others. To book an appointment today please use the booking button above!

Driving Medicals

If you are over the age of 75 years of age in Western Australia you are required to undergo an annual medical assessment before you can renew your driver’s licence. Additionally, you may be required to undergo a driving medical assessment before obtaining certain types of licence or by your workplace. To make an appointment please call us on (08) 9316 8014 or use the booking button above.

Minesite Medicals

We can perform the full range of medicals potentially required by mine site employers, including written questionnaires and physicals. These may include tests such as blood pressure, cardiovascular examination and a full musculoskeletal examination. To book today please call us on (08) 9316 8014 or use the booking button above.